How to choose the best blogging platform for your new blog


How to choose the best blogging platform for your new blog
Maybe you have been browsing all over the net searching for a perfect blogging platform for your new blog, but can’t figure out how to choose the best blogging platform, because they are so many of them, and they seem to offer similar services, It’s a tough choice!, there are many blogging platforms out there, How do you find out which one is right for you?.
In this chapter I will help you choose the best blogging platform, this is the second decision you will be making as a new blogger, remember the first was choosing the perfect niche for your new blog.
First of all, what is a blogging platform? , this is a question we will have to answer before we move on.
What is a Blogging Platform?
Blogging platforms are organizations that provides a home or framework for a blog, their services can be either free or paid, and this framework can be either a script (example blogger ) or a software ( example ), the script or software can be either hosted (example tumblr) or to be hosted by you (example squarepace).
Factors to Consider Before choosing a blogging platform for your website
Below are the factors to consider when choosing the perfect blogging platform for your blog
1. Your Niche
If you have not chosen a niche or don’t know what blogging niche is all about, then refer back to chapter two. If you already knew, great!
Your niche matters a lot when choosing the best platform for your new blog, for instance, if your niche requires that you host big files, let’s say video and music, that is a “music/video review” niche (for example, you will have to consider the upload limits set by your blogging platform (if any ), the types of file allowed is also a factor, don’t worry, we will study some popular blogging platforms individually, so that you get to know their pros and cons. Some niche also requires special features which can only be found in some specific blog site creators.
2. Expandability and Growth Allowance
Do you have plans to expand in future, or is it just a personal blog (please refer to day one for types of blog). You should also know that not all blogging platforms give room for expansion, or at least to the needed level. This was the beef with (one time biggest tech forum in Nigeria), it hosted with, which disallowed expansion, so on the long run they have to start over again at Now is hooked up, with no choice left.
3. Your Tech savvy Rate (coding skills)
Yes, some blogging platforms requires you to be good with script coding at least the basics, don’t worry, I got you covered, just relax and watch me ride you to the promise land with this 30 days ride.
Some blog site creators requires you to have a knowledge of web hosting, basic HTML and CSS. While others such as does everything for you, so you have to check your savvy rate before choosing a blogging platform, else you would have to hire different web developers for the job. In case you need one, am in.
4. Financial Commitment
Believe me, not everybody is ready to start a blog with a capital, maybe because they are not sure if it will be successful, funny right, but what about those that don’t have the cash at all. hmm! Congratulations, there are also good (if not better) blogging platforms that you can start your blog with free of charge.
5. Time Factor
Some blogging platforms require you to manage almost everything yourself, so if you are the type that have a busy-scheduled work, or you are a full time student, that is to say, you want to take blogging as a part time job, then you will have to stick with the blogging platforms that manages everything for you, all you have to do is write posts.
6. Ability to Monetize Your Contents
If you are running a charity or organizational blog then this might not be a factor for you, but if you are money hungry just like me, then you should consider a blogging platform that allows you to make money from your blog.
7. Continuity and Flexibility of the Blogging Platform
In 2010, I join a blogging platform called, within one month I have written a complete tutorial on HTML CODING, only to wake up one morning to find out that mobtron is no more, this trauma kept me out of the internet for nearly 6 months. What am I saying, you should also check the reputation of your dream blog site creator, the ability to back-up your contents, and also, the ability to move to a new platform, if the need arises.
If you take the above 6 factors into consideration, then I don’t think you would end up making mistakes like us, don’t blame us, if this book was available when we started, we would have not made any mistake, better for you.
Let me warn that no Platform is all-in-one, what I meant is that, no blog site creator has all the above listed feature, but you have to choose the one that has or nearly have the basic  features you need.

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