How to Source for Content for Your New Blog

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How to Source for Content for Your New Blog
In our chapter two we learnt how to choose a niche for your new blog, and I believe by now you must have chosen a niche for your blog to be.
This is a very important topic because the backbone of every blog is its content and the quantity and quality of the content matters a lot.
I told you earlier that “la copy la paste” is not the way out of the “limited source of content” saga, And am not trying to contradict myself in this chapter, but hey!, you can’t get all the content you need for your blog from your “one head”, else it’s a personal blog, if you have forgotten the types of blog we have, please move back to chapter one to revise that.
Now Let’s list down the possible source of contents for your new blog, just as a popular SEO saying goes ,“content is king” , when we talk about the source of contents, we also discuss the implications of getting your posts from that source.
The timing of the information you get is also important because if you choose “school news” as your niche and you gave an information about JAMB registration deadline three days after the registration has ended, hey bro!!, even if it was me, I will not visit your blog again to source for information neither will I trust the news to give, that’s how it goes, there are many factors to consider, but let’s take it one at a time, this is a 30 days tutorial and we are still in day three, we have ample time to “murder blogging”.
The authenticity of your information is very important because if you give out a news in your “national politics” niche and later it was discovered that the information you gave is false, haha, I trust readers with their mouth, you might be forced to disable commenting on your blog for a while. That’s the spirit, you will have to follow the ethics of blogging.
Below are the possible sources of articles for your blog in a particular niche:
1. From What You Have Inside (the In-surf)
Yes, this should cover the major part of your posts as a beginner especially when it’s not a corporate blog or blog relating to a product.
Of course, before you choose any niche, you should be familiar with problems that might arise from possible topics and you should be ready to discuss them with your website visitors.
The in-surf, could be gotten in many ways and some of them are:
a.      Your personal experience
Some niche, for example, let’s say, LEARN BLOGGING or FAMILY PROBLEMS/SOLUTIONS, might depend this source. And am a perfect example of this, 75% of this book’s content is based on my 7 years personal experience in the blogosphere.
b.      Your knowledge from  the experiences of others
This can be achieved through interviews, surveys, and polls. For example if your niche is COMPUTER AND APPLICATIONS, you might want to also get information from a lecturer in your school or a mentor who is an expert in the field.
c.       Experiments and research
Yes, some niche involves experiments to be able to write posts relating to that niche, though most times you would not be the one to do the research, but don’t forget that if you use someone’s research work to make up your posts, don’t forget to give credits to the author, and also check if it is copyright protected.
2. Becoming a correspondents
This is the life wire of most NATIONAL NEWS BLOGS In Nigeria (for example sunnewsonline or naij news), here they either cover the event live or pay for the coverage by their agents, also you don’t have to be physically present in the event, for example if your niche is FOOTBALL ANALYSIS, you must not be at the stadium to get what’s happening, when you know you can easily get the information you need for you possible post from the television or radio transmission.
3. Bugging a real time friend
You can buddy your friends and classmates to write articles on your new blog, while you edit them to suit your taste, though most friends would prefer to write on their own blogs rather than write for you. Welcome to the blogosphere bro!
4. Sourcing for information from similar niche
A Similar niche (your competitor) might have written on the same topic you are about to write on, you can glance through their works to expand your knowledge, yes!, real bloggers don’t copy posts, they steal it ideas (that’s my little secret), and what do I mean by that, don’t copy articles from your competitor’s blog, you can steal the idea instead and make a greater article for yourself.
5. Paid Freelance
Freelancers are part time bloggers who are good at writing articles and sponsored posts, you could hire or employ one (if you are financially able), they can assist you in writing articles for your blog, hey!, do you think Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Stella Naija and the others wrote all the posts in their blog themselves? Sorry dude, they’ve got no such time.
6. Guest Posting
You could create a form in your new blog for guest to register and write articles, the draft posts will be reviewed and published by you, and you can even offer gifts to them for that.

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