Step By Step Guide On Setting Up A Blog – With Pictures

We will learn how to Set Up a blog in 5 minutes, it will be a step by step guide.
Remember we mentioned as one of the best blogging platforms in our previous lecture, and if your mind is made up, lets get started.
Step By Step Guide On Creating A Blog In 5 Minutes

create a account
1 . Registration
a. Visit And Click On Get Started ( at the Top Right of the screen )
b. Click on “start with a blog” , And Choose Any theme to start with (Don’t worry you can change that later)
create a account
c. Enter the domain name of your choice ( Choose the free subdomain for now, you can purchase a custom domain name later ), in this case i chose blognigeriatutorial
choose a wordpress domain
d. select The free Plan In the Packege Section
e. Enter you Valid Email Address And password in the field Provided
verify your wordpress email
f. Check your email for a confirmation link And Click On It ( in a new tab )
g. Go Back To Your wordpress Tab And click on “Continue”.
2. Seting Up Your WordPress Blog
set up site
a. Type this link in your browser , In this case we used ( take note of this link, its your admin dashboard link) , ok, if you have entered the link, lets continue.
set up site
b. Navigate to settings > General settings , Input your site tittle and tagline and click on save ( see the images for better guide ), You can also go through other settings of customize to your taste.
c. navigate to Appearance > Themes , You can change your theme or go on to customize your already chosen theme, click on customize.
edit in customizer
d. Click on site identity to upload a logo and banner for your blog
e. You can also play around with other settings and add widgets ( which ever one you dont like, you can still remove it )
3. Creating Your First post
a. Close the Customize Menu, and navigate to to Post > Add New
b. Enter your Post Title, And Content, you can also add categories and tags to your posts
c. Click On Publish
4. Creating Your First page
first page
a. navigate to Pages > Add New
b. Enter the Page Title And Content
c. Click On Publish ( we recommend that you creat the About Us, Privacy Policy, And Contact Us Page, For the start )
5. Check Your Progress So far – Congratulations

completed website
Check your blog to see what you have done so far, waw!!!, ( Play Around With Other features On the Dashboard, The More you try them out, the more you learn), An example Of Blog Is
That’s it, If you don’t want to make mistake or you need a professional touch on your blog, Feel free to contact us for that, we can handle everything for you, and within 5 minutes, your blog will be up and running, including the SEO part of it.
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