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How to Choose the Best Niche for Your Blog
In our previous chapter (day one), we learnt some basic terms in blogging, such as what is a blog, who is a blogger, what is blogging, etc.
In this chapter we will move one step further into achieving a successful blogging career, but before I continue, i promise you that I will answer the one big question you must have asked yourself, “is professional blogging really for me?”
Ok, the answer is yes, and a big yes, but then, another question is here, “are you really made for blogging?” This is the question that I can’t answer for you, you have to give the answer yourself, but yes, I will give you a few tip to answering the question.
Ask yourself this:
1. Do I want to become a blogger because I see that bloggers are rich?
2. Am I learning blogging because I want the soft work way of life?
3. Do I want to own a blog because I want quick money”?
4. Do I find it tiring discussing on a problem rather than working out stuffs?
5. Can I write or do I hate writing articles?
Ok, I hope you were answering those questions in your mind as you read them, and if you have the answer to any of those questions to be YES, then I think you might consider any of the about 1000 other professions in life, blogging is just one of them.
Now, it’s time to move on to the discussion of this chapter which is how to choose a niche for my new blog”, but before that, can you define a niche? . Ok let’s do justice to that.
What is a Niche?
In simple terms, a niche is a part, a category, a section of an entire whole, you might have been lucky to study “ecological Niche” in your secondary school days, its same thing, but in this case we are discussing a blogging niche.
This has been the failures of most Nigerian bloggers, today you write about politics, tomorrow you write about sports, and a day after you say “entertainment is the way!!”, by the end of this chapter you will be able to choose a perfect niche for your blog and also help others make the right decision.
Some Popular Niche Available
The numbers of niche that can be ventured into is infinity + zero, but these are the common ones popularly used:
1. Sports as in goal.com
2. Entertainment as in lindaikejiblog.com
3. Technology as in ogbongeblog.com
4. National politics And News as in Vanguardngr.com and saharareporters.com
5. School News as in ngstudents.com
6. General forum as in blognigeria.com.ng and nairaland.com
7. Phone Specification and Review as in xclusivetek.com
8. Fashion
9. Hosting/website Reviews
10. Health and Lifestyle, etc.
In general there are over 1000 niches one can choose from, in fact, any topic that leads to a problem awaiting solution is a niche, and this enormous choice available makes the decision process even more difficult, but thanks to this book, it has made everything easy.
Now, the big question remains unanswered, “How do I choose the perfect niche for my new blog when I create one?”
How To Choose A Perfect Niche For Your Website / blog
To be sincere with you this decision will be made by you and you alone, but as expected I will give you the commandments to follow when making this life worthy decision.
Now ask yourself this question, why do people visit the internet? There is only one answer to this question, it’s because they want to solve problem(s). When you are bored or want to chat with friends you visit a social media (example facebook.com), when you have a question you visit a search engine (example google.com) and so on.
Have this in mind, no matter the niche you choose, there are 1000s of professionals already in that niche, see a little illustration, for a native mango to become noticeable in a basket filled with German mango ( which always remain green, even when ripe), it has to become ripe and by this change its color to yellow, hey!,  its same idea with a niche, for you to be noticed by Google and other search engines, bearing in mind that there are other blogs writing the same topic  as you, you have to do something differently, this is where I will have problem with those that wants to venture into ” la copy , la paste” type of blogging, because I can’t help you.
Yes, you have to do yours differently! Now let’s get started, below are the factors to consider when choosing a niche for your blog, even your Nigerian based blog.
1. Identify a Problem
Like I said earlier, you have to fish out what you prospective competitors are doing wrong, what they failed to do, issues they failed to address, and their overall weakness, and you have to capitalize on them, bearing in mind that visitors will continue storming a site that solves their problems, just as they visit blognigeria.com.ng to learn blogging.
2. Choose a Niche that Interests You
In the life of every blogger, there comes a time when you feel that your efforts are not yielding any results and that it would be better if you to quit and look for something better to do, since you don’t gain anything from what you have been dedicating all your time to, I call it the ” blogging fever”stage. At this point in such blogger’s life it is his passion and interest doing what he loves doing that will keep him going, for instance if you are the type that loves talking and writing about football, but you heard that Google AdSense is quick to accept hosting reviews blog, then you decide to go for that, you will crash when you reach the “blogging fever” stage. So therefore, if your niche is your hobby then you will have an edge.
3. Choose a Niche that can be expanded in the Feature
This factor is self-explanatory, don’t narrow your niche down to the niche of a niche, example, narrowing your niche to “Nigerian Baby Wears” when you know that Nigeria has same climate with other African counties and as such might have similar baby clothing with them or “Under 18 Barcelona Fans” when you can comfortably accommodate all age grades.
4. It Should Be Future – Filled
What do I mean, it should be what a good number of people are already searching about online, an unsolved or half solved problem, Future-filled in the sense that you niche should not be short-lived, else you will be left hanging, for example, a Ponzi scheme review website (example mmmoffice.com.ng), will be left hanging when the Era of Ponzi in Nigeria finally goes down. You niche should have long life potentials.
5. Monthly/yearly searches (Search Worthy)
This is placed last, because it should not be the utmost factor to consider, Business value (CPC) is the idea here, Marketability of your niche, it should be able to attract advertisers, and contain high potential CPC keywords.
In Summary
Choosing the right niche for your blog is important. This is the Number One Decision you will be making as a blogger.
Pick the wrong niche and you will end up wasting an incredible amount of your time and money just like may failed blogs.
The truth is that building a successful blog takes time and you need to be on for the long haul.

By thinking about how passionate you are for your niche, what your strengths are and which niche is going to be profitable, you can cut out lots of the disappointment and put yourself on the right track

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